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Our consulting services for clients

A corporate sale requires purposeful and professional action. We seek the right buyer for you and guide you through the sales process to the successful sale of a company.

Corporate sales
Corporate sales

You want to buy a company or buy shares? We help you to find the requested company, assist you in the analysis and lead the negotiations until the successful conclusion of the contract.

Business acquisition
Business acquisition

We find financially strong partners for you, bring together investors and company owners and check the market for similarities.

The result: a selection of individual investment opportunities or investors that suit you perfectly.

Business participations
Business participations

The business exchange Grönig & Kollegen is your marketplace for certified company offers and requests. Trust in our quality-tested companies and investors.



If you are planning important steps such as company acquisition or succession, or want to participate in companies, specialized and competent advice is needed to educate you about all possibilities and risks.

At the Unternehmensbörse Grönig & Kollegen AG, you receive comprehensive advice from our advisory specialists. Our experts have many years of management experience, are trained in the cooperation with investors and support you competently in your project from start to successful completion.

The specialists of the Unternehmensbörse Grönig & Kollegen AG examine companies intensively, in order to increase the efficiency of the company, among other things, and thus to achieve an optimal starting situation in the sales process.

Succession and sales processes for large companies and the involvement of partners in growth financing are characterized by high complexity. In these cases, we offer active support in change processes and necessary measures to increase the saleability and the achievable sales price.

Here, we offer comprehensive services, tailored to the respective tasks, through special composite teams with experienced specialists and also experts from the areas of law and taxes.

We help you to e.g. prepare your company for succession. You can choose between our consulting packages or our individual services, which you can book on the basis of daily rates.

We offer you the following consulting packages:

  • Strategic positioning of your company for sale (short term)
  • Company valuation, sales prospectus, sales memorandum
  • Corporate development and medium-term measures for the sale
  • Legal and tax advice (via cooperation partners)
  • Project and interim management (management support)
  • Due Diligence (when buying or selling)
  • Integration consulting (post-merger integration)

Just contact us. We are happy to advise you and recommend a personalized consulting service.