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Umfassende Beratung zum Thema Steuern bei der Unternehmensbörse Grönig

A corporate sale requires purposeful and professional action. We seek the right buyer for you and guide you through the sales process to the successful sale of a company.

Corporate sales
Corporate sales

You want to buy a company or buy shares? We help you to find the requested company, assist you in the analysis and lead the negotiations until the successful conclusion of the contract.

Business acquisition
Business acquisition

We find financially strong partners for you, bring together investors and company owners and check the market for similarities.

The result: a selection of individual investment opportunities or investors that suit you perfectly.

Business participations
Business participations

The business exchange Grönig & Kollegen is your marketplace for certified company offers and requests. Trust in our quality-tested companies and investors.



Divestment and acquisition of companies have tax and legal consequences.

Sellers are aiming for tax-exempt capital gains, buyers at the same time value tax-deductible expenses. These different interests of the parties usually also affect the purchase price. Here, as part of the sales negotiations, knowledgeable advice can bring about a balance of interests between the contracting parties.

The question of whether company shares are sold (share deal) and thus a universal succession occurs or individual assets (asset deal) are sold, must be examined under civil law and tax law. Relevant are, among other things, the timing of the transfer of ownership for the realization of profits by the seller, the age of the seller, the potential utilization of losses, locking and retention periods as well as trade tax, sales tax and real estate transfer tax consequences.

Personal tax burdens also depend on the factors mentioned above.

It often makes sense to carry out corporate restructuring in advance of planned divestments, such as a change in legal form under the German Transformation Act (from sole proprietorship to partnership and or corporation or vice versa) and balance sheet measures (to distribute retained earnings, to change the capital base, to acknowledge rating laws and disclosure options).

We are in constant dialogue with knowledgeable and experienced accountants, tax advisors and lawyers. We are happy to establish contact to them to enable you, our clients, to optimize upcoming acquisitions.

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