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UnternehmensBörse Grönig & Kollegen AG
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Overview with references and successes of the Grönig company exchange

Ein Unternehmensverkauf erfordert zielgerichtetes und professionelles Handeln. Wir suchen für Sie den passenden Käufer und führen Sie durch den Verkaufsprozess bis zum erfolgreichen Unternehmensverkauf.


Sie möchten ein Unternehmen kaufen oder Anteile erwerben? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei, das gewünschte Unternehmen zu finden, unterstützen Sie bei der Analyse und führen die Verhandlungen bis zum erfolgreichen Vertragsabschluss.


Wir finden für Sie finanzstarke Partner, bringen Kapitalgeber und Firmeninhaber zusammen und prüfen den Markt auf Übereinstimmungen.

Das Ergebnis: eine Auswahl an individuellen Investitionsmöglichkeiten oder Investoren, die perfekt zu Ihnen passen.


Die Unternehmensbörse Grönig & Kollegen ist Ihr Marktplatz für geprüfte Unternehmensangebote und -gesuche. Vertrauen Sie auf unsere qualitätsgeprüften Unternehmen und Investoren.


Referenz Exposé

Online trade, various sectors
1,0 Mio.

Comment on the purchase price: Majority stake by strategic investor. The total purchase price of the shares was just under € 1 million.

The company operates with multiple trademarks and has various national and international domains. Through years of web presence, the company has a good perception of its products, which are located in a market niche.


The transaction consisted of majority ownership including a performance-based earn-out component, acquisition of all employees, a long-term lease for the owner-owned premises, and a consultancy contract.


Company sales

Thomas Kober
Process description

At the beginning of the consultation process, it quickly became clear that it first required rigorous development work first in order to further develop the potential created by the owner before a reasonable selling price for the shares could be achieved from the point of view of our client. We took on this task and supported the company by stabilizing the economic basis and optimizing the central business processes. Subsequently, we focused our investor approach on experienced specialists in online trading from our broad network. Relatively quickly, there was a prospective customer who saw the potential for himself and his existing group and entered the test. After tough negotiations, we were ultimately able to sell the majority of the shares as part of an attractive overall model at a reasonable price in the interests of our client. Meanwhile the acquisition process has been successfully completed and the company successfully integrated into a group of companies.

Customer feedback

I must admit that at first I estimated the value of my business to be much higher than the experts on the business marketplace. Since the arguments convinced me and my accountant, with some effort and strong support from Mr. Kober, I have been able to develop the company further and eventually sell my shares step by step for a reasonable value. I would like to thank you for your trustful and efficient cooperation ...

Confidential brief description: Confidential abstract: All information is based on data provided by the seller and is compiled to the best of our knowledge. All statements without guarantee!