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IIT consulting firm with a focus on business intelligence and locations in Europe, Africa and Australia

Customer Id
Corporate form
IT consulting firm with a focus on business intelligence
Business operations

Consulting firm

The software developer is now perceived as a leading provider of consulting services—especially in the core business of business intelligence—in Germany and has been active with its employees exclusively in the B2B area since its inception. It uses its many years of experience to offer tailor-made solutions.  The company is not only active in Germany, but also internationally, e.g. in Great Britain, Poland, France, South Africa and Australia. 


The stock corporation was founded in 2013 and due to the sharp increase in demand for digitization strategies, additional qualified employees were hired in the period 2018 to 2019. The AG is currently managed by a total of three operationally active board members.


IIn the course of a share deal, 135,000 shares = 69.73% of the shares are to be transferred to a suitable buyer.

Development potential

The management consulting industry is in a growth phase—even if the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a temporary decline in sales. In addition to the generally positive development of the German economy over the past five years, this is due in particular to the significantly increased demand from companies in all sectors, both nationally and internationally, for digitisation services. The relevant areas here are primarily data analytics, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.


The company currently has 68 employees, 35 of whom are based outside of Germany. Operationally independent with 3 board members.


The customer base currently includes more than 500 well-known companies. Clients include, for example, service companies such as banks, insurance companies, but also airports. The customer structure is heterogeneous and balanced. There are no cluster risks.

Sales reason

Classical age succession

Company figures

2021: €5.2 million
2022: €5.1 million
2023: €5.4 million (projected)

EBIT (adjusted)
2021: €1.1 million
2022: €1.2 million
2023: €1.3 million

Sales conditions

Based on the AG's calculation of earnings value, there is a price corridor for the share based on the base-case future scenario of between

€38.0 and €40.0 per share

The package includes 135,000 shares / 69.73%. The purchase price is therefore 5.4 million

Sales category
from 3 to 10 Mio.
Confidential brief description: Confidential abstract: All information is based on data provided by the seller and is compiled to the best of our knowledge. All statements without guarantee!

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